Contemporary Abstract Art

for the bold at heart

Collect a unique Painting of your own

Stefanie’s work offers moments of strong and contrasting colors, rich texture, line and geometric details. Her paintings feel dynamic, energetic and colorful and every piece of art tells a story inspired by her surroundings.

Collect a unique Painting of your own

With my work I try to capture the feeling of freedom I get from painting and pass it on to the viewer. Because I believe that we all need a little more freedom in our lives. Freedom from all the expectations society places on us and from all self-imposed limitations. Freedom to do whatever we want to do and be whoever we want to be. Freedom to live life on our own terms and to follow our dreams. So enjoy browsing through my body of work – I hope my paintings may spark a sense of freedom in you.

Hi, I'm Stefanie

Painting is freedom, at least for me it is. Raw and pure freedom. The moments in the studio, when I feel completely detached from everything are some of the most precious to me. In those moments, there are no obligations, no rules. In my paintings I try to capture this feeling of freedom and pass it on to the viewer.

The wild and Free

mini abstract paintings full of color and joy

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